Passive Pickup Installation: $70 First Pickup, $10 additional components 

Includes replacement of original pickup on electric guitars and bass guitars, soldering, and cleaning of all electrical components

Deluxe Pro Setup: $189   (Level & re-crown w/out basic set up: $125)

The Deluxe Set includes precision level, re-crown and polish of your instrument’s frets, along with complete set-up, re-string, lubricate and adjust tuning keys, nut adjustment, truss rod adjustment, string height (action) including saddle adjustment (on acoustic) and intonation. This work will minimize fret buzz, slow fret pitting and wear. The whole instrument will be cleaned and polished and all hardware and electronics inspected, cleaned, and lubed.

 Fretted Instrument Repair Pricing   

Active system (EMG for example) $85 first pickup, $15 additional components

Active pickup systems are more delicate and typically require more trouble shooting and labor than a typical passive pickup.

Acoustic Guitar Pickup: $85 For Existing replacement, $110 for first time with no routing 

Acoustic guitars have a more fragile structure and require extra care and precision when installing

a pickup system. We take extra care when Installing battery housings, drilling for output jacks, and working with limited access to the inside of the guitar, ensuring that you receive a quality product.

Hand-made Custom Fit Bone Nut & Saddles: $95

We start with a blank nut or saddle, sand it down to perfect size, carve it to correct intonation, then give it a clean polish. Price includes materials. Choose from ox bone camel or black horn.

 Technical Repair Pricing   

Our prices are at and almost all below The Guitar Blue Book repair pricing guide (we have a copy displayed in the shop). The goal at BR Fret Shop is to send you home with an instrument that you like better and understand more than what you brought in. Our honest opinions and advice are always free. When you arrive, we will inspect your instrument with you and explain what it needs, how much it will cost, and how long we think it will take. Then you tell us what to do. All jobs are priced individually but will usually fall into the following ranges. Set-up's include free strings, if you like the ones we use: "D'Addario 9, 10, and 11s, acoustic lights, classic regulars and GHS Hawaiian uke's". If you like something special, bring them with you and we will put them on. The cost of parts is not included unless specified.

  BR Fret Shop  

Guitar Electronics Troubleshooting: $60 Hr

Problems with your electronics can be very simple or very complex, and sometimes require extra work to find and repair the cause. Because of the variation, we charge an hourly fee to repair electrical problems.

Crack Repair: $25 - $65 Per Inch

The severity of cracks in instruments can widely vary and require pre-examination before an accurate quote can be given, but the typical cost is usually determined by the length of the crack. Stop by to have us look over your instrument with you for free.

 Basic Guitar Repair Pricing   

Re-Fret: $400 - $600

Includes precision level of fretboard, replacement of all frets and The Deluxe Pro Setup. May require nut replacement to accommodate new/taller frets. 

Pro Setup: $99

Includes re-string with free strings, lubricate tuning keys, nut adjustment and buff, fret polish, fretboard clean and oil, cleaning of instrument, adjustment of truss rod, string height (action) including saddle adjustment (on acoustic) and intonation. Electronics inspection, cleaning and pickup adjustment when it applies.

Tube Testing, Complete set: $60

We have a state of the art tube tester.

Basic Amp Service $60

We will clean all pots, jacks and tub sockets.

We offer many more services, please call for additional information and quotes.